Plug into the partners
of your choice to build your
bespoke banking engine.

Platform of Platforms

A fully modular set of core banking
components, connecting to utility services
from third parties where required, all of which
are interoperable to provide the specific level
of banking functionality required.

This customer PaaS offering brings together
the best of SaaS reusability and in-house

Plug and Play

Benefit from a plug and play architecture that
allows you to connect with the best partners for
your market or use case.

The Pi1 platform brings together multiple best in
class providers across different services and asset
classes on a common, secure standard. This
enables you to pick and deploy service providers
quickly, without worrying about compatibility and

SaaS Flexibility

With infrastructure as code, cloud-based
deployment to new markets or environments
is seamless.

While the solution itself would be hosted on cloud
and offers easy horizontal scalability through other
Pi1 modules as well as third-party tools and utility
services like KYC, AML etc., it can also easily
connect to non-cloud internal systems for data,
front-end or other back-end services as needed.

Fully Managed SaaS

Take advantage of this service
without the pain of dealing with:

– Patches
– Upgrades
– Security complexity

In Your Own VPC

Run it in your own Virtual Private
cloud to achieve the maximum level
of security and compliance.


Modular architecture allows you to only deploy
what you need. With the added flexibility of fully
reproducible and modular infrastructure, never
worry about costly and underutilized resources.

Also, Pi1’s Intellectual Property (IP) and Code
Reusability (CR) rights only extend so far as these
common modules are concerned.

Continuous Delivery

A modern Continuous Delivery pipeline ensures
automatic roll out of every release. Automatic
testing using human readable scenarios ensures
stability and highest quality of deployment.

Even post-deployment, Pi1 clients have their own
dedicated small team at Pi1 so they stay in control
of their own roadmap and have minimal
dependency on Pi1 platform roadmap. Of course,
where a feature has been added to Pi1 platform,
they can also choose to deploy that instead of
choosing to make their own.

Mesh architecture

Architectural excellence that is achieved through a
sophisticated service mesh control plane.


A future-proof platform, interoperable with
different languages and frameworks. Benefit from
service decoupling and compile time safely
through API code generation.

Idempotent services ensure no duplicate charges
for customers.

Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

Keep on top of production management with best in class
metrics and interactive service dashboards.

Always available

Keep on top of production management with best in class
metrics and interactive service dashboards.

A platform that is constantly available for your customers and automatically scales out as demand grows.

Enjoy best-in-class uptimes. For example, the Dozens app has been running on Pi1 for 18 months and has been down for less than one hour in total.


The Pi1 Platform not only complies with all the
latest requirements in security, but goes above and
beyond to protect your IP and the data of your

  • ISO 27001
  • Encrypted Data
  • Documented Business Continuity Policy
  • Endpoint Security
  • Documented Incident Management Policy
  • Secure Coding Practices Training
  • Regular Penetration Testing

Admin Tools

Use the Pi1 platform to design and build tools for
your internal teams to process, review and edit
data from our core system.

Benefit from the latest in UI and UX to create
more efficient internal processes and engage
operations, customer service, product
and marketing teams.