Over 30 data sources brought together on a single petabyte-scale data platform
enabling advanced analytics and machine learning.

Data & Analytics

The petabyte-scale data platform
combines operational data with
over 30 other data sources, enabling
advanced analytics and machine learning.

Elastic Compute &

Scale from zero to petabyte instantly as your business grows, and in and out according to your needs.

With Snowflake:

  • Scale compute up and down automatically
  • Consistent performance, regardless of load
  • No need for capacity planning or over-provisioning
  • Pay only for what you use

Out Of The
Box Analytics

A single view of all your KPI
dashboards and operational data,
updated throughout the day
instead of just at night.

KPIs & Customer

From assessing global business vitals,
to viewing a cross-section of your
entire customer base.

Marketing &
Customer Acquisition

Analyse customer acquisition
campaign effectiveness down to
each specific ad placement.

Service Tools

Empower your customer service team
with a 360° customer view and assess
their performance.