Plug into the latest financial UX so your customers can connect to their money in a whole new way.

Fully Native Phone Apps
Voice Interface
Desktop UI


Visualise your spending, freeze your card, rate your happiness, and more


Know your budget for tomorrow based on your spend today


Save automatically with bespoke triggers, e.g. when someone tweets


Know your risk appetite through swipeable questions, and stay on track with your stated goals

Spending, budgeting
and saving

  • Visualisations show spending on a map, heatmap, by category, and even by happiness rating
  • Split bills in a couple of clicks – equally, by percentage or specific value
  • Freeze/Unfreeze card
  • Smart Budgeting
  • Autosavings weekly or monthly
  • IFTTT enabled Saving Rules – Save when you walk 10,000 steps, when someone tweets or even when it rains

Savings and

  • Range of financial products, displayed according to risk level
  • Goal-based investing
  • Revolutionary swipeable risk assessment
  • Growth projection graphs
  • On/off track triggers with prompts to get investments back on track


KYC customers in 90 seconds using cutting edge computer vision ID checks. Encourage daily active use with in-app content. And when your customer needs help, a chatbot can start the conversation, and direct to your customer service team if needed.