Access to One Team
of Cross-functional

Tap into the expertise of a team who are managing a live
banking & payments product in the UK for business.

Leadership Team

Meet the core team you will work with daily to bring your vision to life.

Petyo Pahunchev

Platform Engineering

Architecture and Back-end Specialist with
8+ years experience across JP Morgan and
Morgan Stanley

Sandesh Sharanappa

Product & Data Flows + Partners Connectivity

Technical Product Specialist with 10+ years
experience in SaaS product delivery

Giovana Zortea

Agile Product Owner

Product Manager with 10+ years
experience across Latin America
and Europe


Depending on your needs we have a diverse range of consultants in house ready to discuss your ideas and share their experience.

Gemma Steel

Funds Lawyer

14+ years experience across BlackRock,
Morgan Stanley and Invesco

Gerda Valiukonyte

Payments & Operations specialist

7+ years experience across functions
in Barclays

Sam Dunford Baker

Finance & Strategy Specialist

7+ years experience in Mergers
& Acquisitions

Katja Lichtenstein

Urbanist & Ideation Specialist

15+ years urban architecture and design
experience; Member of Mayor’s Smart
London Board

Rob Mcintosh

Communities Specialist

10+ years experience in creating and
running communities

Julia Earthrowl

Branding and Storytelling Creative

12+ years experience in leading
Advertising agencies

Poulami Chakraborty

Brand Strategist and Advertising Copywriter

15+ years experience in launching brands
and running ad campaigns across UK
and India

Felipe Faundez

Brand Design Specialist

20+ years experience, designing and
launching brands in the UK and Latin

Matt Royhl

Illustrator, Videographer and Animator

Creator of Dozens QYB videos

…alongside your
dedicated Squad…

In addition to all members of the client-facing team, consultants and advisors, this dedicated team of design, engineering & product experts will build your bank with you.

Typical Squad Structure or Significant Projects…


Overall Product Owner

A single point of contact
charged with delivering your vision



1x UX Designer
1x UI Designer
1x Brand Designer



We will need to figure out
localisation requirements for
designs, translations and
local tech partners, during
first three months.


BackEnd Developers

1x Platform Architect
1x Tech Product Owner
2x Dev Ops
4x BackEnd Engineers


FrontEnd Developers

1x QA
3x iOS Developers
3x AOS Developers
1x UX Developer



1x Data Scientist
3x Data Engineers

…as well as world
class Advisors…

Prof. Baba Shiv

Advisor to the CEO & Chief
Behavioural Scientist

Sanwa Bank, LTD., Professor of Marketing at
the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

His extensive body of work includes the
application of neuroeconomics to the study
and practice of innovation and
entrepreneurial leadership, from Silicon
Valley startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Featured in CNN, The New York Times, Wall
Street Journal, NPR, among many others.

Bruce Cahan

Advisor to the CEO & Board Observer

Adjunct Professor at Stanford University’s
Engineering Department, a Distinguished
Scholar at Stanford’s mediaX, and an active
participant in Stanford’s Center for Legal

Advised Fortune 1000 corporations and
federal technology investors, negotiated
billions in finance, merger, and
reorganization transactions, innovated
investment strategies for sharing smarter
open data, and now is redesigning banking,
its impacts and safety through his creation
of Goodbank (IO).

Suzanne Hsu

Advisor to the CEO & Board Member

30+ years experience across Goldman
Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Bloomberg, HSBC
in New York, London and HK.

A rare and brilliant mind, with both an MD in
Medicine and a JD- MBA, as well as being a
certified psychiatric practitioner.

Keen interest in applying her knowledge and
experience to nurturing a great work
environment and decoding different
consumer behaviours, especially irrational

...and AC

AC founded Project Imagine after 13 years in Investment Banking,
Private Banking, Strategy and COO roles at HSBC across New York,
London and Hong Kong.

Most recently, he setup HSBC’s Wealth Digital team from scratch,
building a team from 0–300 and designing and delivering 7x
product launches in 18 months, covering Robo-advisory, Equities
Trading, Funds Platforms, Structured Products, FX and International

AC is an alumnus of Stanford GSB, London Business School and the
Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta, and in fact, first
thought of Project Imagine while writing his thesis on banking returns
at LBS.

With a passion for all things gadgety, his alter-ego ‘Dave’ is also the
office IT help.

His vision is to work with people like you to help create an equitable
and financially savvy world, and he will remain your principal contact
through the engagement.